How To Find Attractive Men In Hollywood

Posted by admin at 04:55 AM on 29, Apr 2011 Filed under:Finding a Hot Date in Hollywood

When it comes to trying to find attractive men in Hollywood, you will find that it is all about knowing where to look. While it is no secret that Hollywood is filled with gorgeous people of both genders, it can still be difficult to find somebody that you are attracted to personally.

Muscle Bound

If you love a big, strong guy that is in great health, then check out the gyms to find the best of the best when it comes to muscle bound guys. Hollywood is a very competitive city so it is going to be easy to find guys that are really in shape and working to be the biggest and the strongest.


There is no limit to artistic guys that are out there in Hollywood. You will find that the artist scene is something that is chock full of good looking artistic guys. Make yourself a regular at art galleries and art shows to try to tap into this particular market.

Almost Famous

If you are looking to date a guy that is right on the brink to becoming a superstar, then Hollywood is definitely the place to be. Although it sounds cliché, most struggling actors will make their living working as waiters or bartenders. Next time you see a cutie serving chat him up and see what he does in his spare time. Also check out the local theaters and find yourself a guy that already has one foot in the door to becoming a star.

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